Children’s Dentistry – Newburgh, IN

Bringing a Smile to Your Child’s Face

It’s an unfortunate truth that cavities are particularly common among children. If you want your little one’s smile to stay safe well into adulthood, then you need to start getting them high-quality dental care as early in life as possible. Contact Newburgh General & Implant Dentistry today to schedule your little one’s first appointment with Dr. Basal Hassan and make their earliest dental experience one they can look back positively on!

Why Choose Newburgh General & Implant Dentistry for Children’s Dentistry?

  • Family-Friendly, State-of-the-Art Dental Practice
  • Dentist That Enjoys Working with Kids
  • Comprehensive Dentistry Under One Roof

Dental Checkups & Cleanings for Kids

Just like adults, children should have their teeth examined and cleaned every six months in order to avoid tooth decay, gum infections, and other oral health problems that can cause permanent damage to the mouth if left alone for too long. At each of your child’s visits, we’ll take whatever steps are necessary to keep them comfortable while we work with their teeth, and we’ll keep you informed about the latest developments in their mouth.

Dental Sealants

Sealants are plastic barriers that are usually attached to the chewing surfaces of the molars and premolars. This is done because these teeth tend to have the highest risk of suffering from tooth decay; they’re located in an area that’s hard to clean, and they contain many pits where bacteria and food debris can get caught. We recommend that your child gets sealants to keep their at-risk teeth safe until they get the hang of brushing as thoroughly as possible.

Fluoride Treatments

At the end of your child’s checkup, we may perform what’s known as a fluoride treatment. Fluoride is well-known for its ability to strengthen enamel and protect teeth from cavities; it’s important that your child gets a sufficient amount of fluoride exposure while their smile is still developing. As such, we can administer a fluoride gel or varnish directly to their enamel to make it less likely that they’ll develop decay or cavities before their next visit.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Sometimes cavities still manage to form despite you doing everything you can to take care of your little one’s smile. We can repair small cavities with fillings made out of a tooth-colored composite resin; this restores the tooth and helps prevent the decay from spreading any further. It only takes one visit to place a tooth-colored filling that keeps your child’s tooth safe for many years, and the results will be so natural looking that most people won’t even notice that your child has undergone dental work.

Athletic Mouthguards

Children who participate in contact sports like football, basketball, or hockey should always wear a customized mouthguard to protect their teeth, gums, and jaw. We also recommend getting a mouthguard for other athletic activities as well, as even sports that don’t involve much contact can still occasionally result in a blow to the mouth or face. When we design a mouthguard for your little one, it will be made to fit perfectly on their teeth for maximum comfort.

Pulp Therapy

Each tooth has a collection of tissues at the center known as the dental pulp. Damaged pulp that’s causing pain or putting the rest of the tooth at risk needs to be treated as quickly as possible. We’ll examine your child’s tooth, take X-rays if needed, and determine the best way to stop the problem from spreading any further. Sometimes only part of the pulp needs to be removed, but there are circumstances where all of the tissue needs to be taken out.